Patio & French Doors for homes in Dayton & Southwest Ohio 

Patio Doors Replace Sliding Doors

Your backyard or deck can be easily be graced by a stylish, secure patio or french door from Buschurs Home Improvement Center. Patio doors can be configured as a two door system with one operating door and one fixed door.

The OKNA Elegante Patio Door is the perfect solution for adding light to any room while using limited space effectively. Available in Replacement and New Construction applications, the OKNA elegant design combines the security of structural integrity and the comfort of energy efficiency.

Patio Doors from OKNA Windows - Buschurs Home Improvement Center

Patio doors from OKNA Windows include:

  • Thermally welded multi-chambered vinyl frame for strength and insulation

  • Interlocking meeting rail system with double-weather stripping for infiltration

  • Anodized aluminum screen track, roller track, and treshold increased longevity

  • Standard installed handle/locl hardware

  • Operating sash equipped with adjustable tandem rollers

  • 4mm glass unit with Heatseal Spacer which provides thermal efficiency and reduced condensation

  • Full length heavy gauge reinforcements in meeting rails and pull rail for strength

Four Point Locking System on OKNA Patio Doors - Buschurs Home Improvement Center




Four Point Locking System

Optional four point locking system allows for a tight weather seal and provides additional security of the patio door entrance. 


Thermally Welded Frame on OKNA Patio Doors - Buschurs Home Improvement Center




Thermally Welded Vinyl Frame

OKNA patio doors have a thermally welded multi-chambered 5-5/8" vinyl frame which provides superior strength and thermal insulation.


Insulated Glass - Buschurs Home Improvement Center




Insulated Glass

Patio doors from OKNA have a 4mm glass unit with Heatseal® Spacer. This provides your home with quality thermal efficiency and reduction of condensation.


Interlocking Rails - Buschurs Home Improvement Center




Interlocking Rails

OKNA patio doors have an interlocking meeting rail system with double weather-stripping for controling infiltration of air, water, dust and noise.


Steel Reinforcement - Buschurs Home Improvement Center




Steel Reinforcement

Patio doors from OKNA have an anodized aluminum screen track, roller track, and threshold for increased strength, durability, and longevity.


Smooth Operation - Buschurs Home Improvement Center




Smooth Operation

The operating sash of patio doors offered by OKNA is equipped with adjustable, precision bearing tandem rollers for a smooth and quiet operation.






Our company offers five interior beautiful laminates in addition to the standard Euro-White and two colors to give your home a distinct look.

Euro WhiteAlmondCocoaNatural

Melrose CherryPaintable/Stainable WoodDark OakWinchester


OKNA Windows offers six exterior stock color selections in addition to the standard Euro-White option to give your house a distinct look and enhance its Curb appeal. You can also select custom exterior colors from a virtually unlimited selection of paints. Our paints are environmentally safe and durable, giving your exterior a vibrant and long-lasting color finish.

Euro WhiteAlmondSandstoneCocoa

Terra BrownBasic BrownBronzeCustom Colors


Cocoa (Standard)Almond (Optional)

Brushed Nickel (Optional)Antique Brass (Optional)


GBG grilles consist of aluminum bars sealed in the insulating airspace between the two panes of glass. Because the interior and exterior glass surfaces are not affected, cleaning your windows is a much easier task.


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