Sunrooms and Enclosed Patios in Dayton, Ohio

We have a Sunroom and 3 Season Room Ideas for every style of home! 

Buschurs' 3 season room windows and sunrooms are designed to be installed in one day, so you can start making "Everyday a Vacation!"       

What You Need to Know
About Our Sunrooms:

  • One of Ohio’s #1 resources for thermal sunrooms and 3 season room windows
  • Certified consultant designers keep you in the “loop”
  • Designers work with you in home
  • Same-day, no obligation price quote
  • Multiple colors available for all 3 season room ideas
  • 23 exclusive features to keep sunrooms “like new” longer than any other sunroom and 3 season room designs
  • We have 3 season room design ideas and sunrooms to fit any home, budget, & lifestyle

Buschurs 3 Season Room Design


Sunroom Styles & 3 Season Room Ideas

Every home has unique architecture, and each family has different needs, so we customize our sunrooms and 3 season room windows to match your situation. Contact us to learn more about each sunroom style and 3 season room design we offer.

Cathedral and California

A Cathedral ceiling adds a dramatic 3 season room design element to the fun of sunroom living. California-style split gable roofs and easily accommodated step down roof designs are also available.

Cathedral and California Style Sunrooms - 3 Season Room Design


The classic studio 3 season room design is a natural fit for all home styles.  

Studio Style Sunroom - 3 Season Room Design

Victorian and Edwardian Conservatories

The European grace of yesteryear meets tomorrow’s technology. Next-generation window, roof, and ventilation systems deflect 90% of the sun’s heat, yet admit 70% of the light. 

Victorian and Edwardian style Sunrooms - 3 Season Room Windows & Design

Ventilated Solarium

Buschurs' solariums offer the ideal combination of gracious sunroom living and expanded scenic horizons. 

Ventilated Solarium Style Sunroom - 3 Season Room Windows & Design

Add air conditioning, ceiling fans, and/or heaters to make your Buschurs' sunroom and 3 season room design as comfortable as the rest of your house. The energy efficiency of the roof, wall panels and glass will ensure that you don’t lose the heat in the winter and the cool air in the summer.

Wall System

  • Lightweight user-friendly 3 season room windows with easy removal and childproofing

  • Lasts a lifetime with exclusive, indestructible TEMKOR outer surface covering

  • HPG 2000-treated 3 season room windows effectively block heat and UV rays DDS 2000 treatment works like Teflon™, keeping dirt and water off

  • AAMA certified—tested for wind resistance, theft-deterrence, air leakage, structural integrity and more

  • Internal Weep System prevents rust and grime streaks 

Roof System

  • Integrated Gutter System with Leaf Guard keeps you from needing to clean the gutters

  • Structural Polystyrene Core gives skeletal strength while providing more control of the sun

  • Cleated Seam design gives you interior protection from water intrusion

  • Krystal Koating gives the exterior shell complete durability


Door System

  • Full-view, high-security Prime Entry Door that swings in, preventing wind damage

  • Attractive French handle and deadbolt system to increase security

  • Interlocking seals around the entire door ensure no leaks and soft closing

  • Welded corners give our door commercial strength 


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